Tangent and Arc Dimensions in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

Dimensions are as integral to a SOLIDWORKS sketch as the geometry itself. Circles and lines need to have a location and a size. Using smart dimensions in SOLIDWORKS makes adding dimensions quick and easy. It’s just intuitive. In this Video Tech Tip, I’ll show you some easy ways to deal with Arcs within SOLIDWORKS: 

>> Click here to learn how to add Tangent and Arc Dimensions in SOLIDWORKS

Based on what you click, the dimension will be different. An angle dimension is added the same way as a distance. It’s all straight forward except for one thing- dimensioning to a tangency of an arc or circle. 

With the shift key pressed when selecting a curved entity, you can add a dimension to the tangency instead of the default of the center of the arc. Just remember to hold the shift key when you are selecting the entity from which you are adding a tangent dimension. 

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