Take The Time To Fully Define: Make Your Drawings Populate Model Dimensions

By David Ramsey on

SOLIDWORKS at its core is a Parametric Part modeler. As such, information needed to create drawings (model views and dimensions) is pulled from the part. All the information we need to have our drawing populate all required dimensions is already in the part.

SOLIDWORKS allows us to edit aspects of our model across any one of the different modeling environments (part, drawing, assembly) and have those changes reflect in the other two environments. 

For instance, if we change the length of our bracket below from the part, it will proliferate that change to the drawing and assembly real-time. This is known as Full Associativity.

Full Associativity

Dimension Updates In Real Time

Likewise, if that same change is made from the drawing environment, it proliferates to the part.

Since we are importing the actual dimensions from the part when we create the drawing, we must take the time to ensure the sketches used in our parts feature creation need to be fully defined. This ensures we get the critical dimensions we need and save time by not having to add them manually.

Fully Define Dimensions

Model ItemsThe dimensions we need are imported through use of the Model Items from the annotation tab.

Choose to import Dimension marked for drawing.” This option is selected by default. 


This process allows you to import dimension from a single feature or the entire model.  Additionally you can import hole callout and location information. 

By ensuring we take the time to fully define our part sketches and use of Model Items, we can now create fully dimensioned, manufacture ready parts in a matter of minutes.

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