Submodeling – the Magnifying Glass for SOLIDWORKS Simulation

By Brian Metzger on

When running a SOLIDWORKS Simulation on particularly complex geometries, it can be especially useful to use a technique called Submodeling. Using Submodeling is like having a magnifying glass to zoom in on small areas of stress, solve them independently, and get highly accurate results.

While running a simulation on a complex geometry, it can be difficult to get the mesh tight enough to converge on stress results at every single location. Stress can be tricky, and after a while of working, it can really slow down your solve times as you make smaller and smaller triangles around areas of interest.

Submodeling is a tool that is usually used in assemblies to break out one or two parts. If you have one large body, you can use the split command to break one body into multiple parts. Then you can run a submodeling study to create a brand new configuration with only the parts that you select.

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