Struggling with Resin Removal? Try Automated Post-Processing

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Resin removal for additive manufacturing is notoriously difficult and messy. Parts come off the printer with excess resin material that needs to be removed. Traditional resin removal processes are unable to scale and can cause bottlenecks in the additive workflow. That’s why choosing an automated solution can assist additive manufacturers with these common post-processing struggles.

Traditional Resin Removal Struggles

Traditional resin removal methods are inconsistent, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. Traditional processes involve multiple steps to remove excess resin. This can cause higher labor costs, inconsistent cycle times, increased waste generation, and monopolize operator safety.

Many traditional resin removal methods are not specific to additive manufacturing and use dangerous chemicals like isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which have a low flashpoint and require frequent chemical changeouts due to fast saturation rates. Automated resin removal solutions offer comprehensive, data-driven systems that deliver transformative benefits for additive manufacturing post-printing.

Automated Resin Removal Solutions

Three factors set the PostProcess automated resin removal solutions apart from others in the post-processing industry. Their comprehensive solution for resin removal includes:

Productivity Gains

The team at PostProcess has extensive engineering expertise that allows them to deliver automated resin removal for multiple printed parts simultaneously. With this automated process, technicians can focus on higher-value activities. Their resin removal solutions also offer quicker cycle times. In fact, most customers have experienced a 50% or more reduction in cycle times with these automated solutions.

Increased Detergent Longevity

With chemistry specifically designed with additive in mind, the proprietary detergents included with the PostProcess solutions offer increased detergent longevity compared to IPA. This means you can process more parts before detergent change-outs and reduce waste and disposal frequency. This helps save both time and money.

Unparalleled Consistency

Automated and intelligent solutions ensure that resin on every part is consistently and completely removed. PostProcess solutions offer repeatable and consistent resin removal.

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Whether production is in the tens, the hundreds, or the thousands, throughput is crucial to any additive manufacturing operation. PostProcess resin removal solutions can drastically reduce cycle times and eliminate the manual post-processing ‘bottleneck’ with traditional removal methods.

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