Stratasys Product Launches for 2020 “Revealed”

By Ricky Shannon on

For thirty years, Stratasys has been the world’s leading 3D printing company, empowering global business to innovate in their designs and manufacturing processes. In 2019, Stratasys launched new products and materials that continue to make an impact across different industries. This past week, TriMech employees attended Impact 2020, the event that Stratasys organizes for all partners. Here’s a look at what we can actually reveal!
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Impact 2020

I want to bring everyone up to speed on the exciting new announcements from this week’s event in Jacksonville, Florida (which is not in any way unseasonably cold). These were an amazing few days, meeting some great partners and resources while getting valuable insight into Stratasys’s product roadmap for 2020 and beyond. After drafting a few different versions for this blog article, I have settled on a “less is more approach”, that a few good pictures will say much more than I can type about the event.

SSYS Impact 2020 Event

Here we have a shot of the event agenda and key product announcements. There are some really great things in this shot here so please click to enlarge it and absorb as much as you can.

Day one started out with some truly unique “swag”. We all received a new phone accessory which would help us document the event for our customers.

Stratasys WAG

With my properly updated phones, I was able to capture some amazing sneak-peek shots of what the future of additive manufacturing has coming. I can’t answer too many questions about what you’re looking at, but I think the picture speaks for itself – game changer!

Stratasys Impact Sneak peek

In closing, I hope these images helped shed some light on the future of things to come. I am eager to show our customers how Stratasys and TriMech will make a huge impact on how they conduct business in 2020.

Stay tuned, amazing things are coming this year!

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