Stratasys Announces New J835 and J850

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The new J835 and J850 PolyJet 3D printers from Stratasys are the latest machines in their popular and expanding J-series. These PANTONE Validated™ 3D printers have the capacity to print color critical parts with incredible accuracy and realism. This new addition to the PolyJet portfolio builds on the previous printer platform and allows you to create models and prototypes with more material options, more realistic finishes and draft projects up to 2x faster than before.


New Stratasys PolyJet Machines: J835 and J850


Design faster, more accurate prototypes and end-use parts with the new Stratasys J835 and J850. Each of these 3D printers comes with the same technology and material capability, but in two different build tray sizes to meet your specific design and budgetary needs. This allows you to customize which option best fits your need and still allows you to take advantage of the ability to create the most realistic models and prototypes without the need for painting or assembly.

The J835 and J850 have been created using Stratasys’ best-in-class PolyJet technology, utilizing the time-tested J-series platform and including everything users love about other machines in the series, like the J735 and J750, with the ability to print with over 500,000 colors available for composite materials. To enhance the experience for this new line, the J835 and J850 can now print jobs combining up to seven materials at a time with more material bays and more efficient material cartridges. These printers also have the capability of creating faster draft prints with the additional Super High-Speed mode, utilizing the new DraftGrey material created especially the purpose to reduce overall project production time.  

What’s New, You Ask?

Aside from offering a more flexible price range and condensed build size, the J835 and J850 deliver improved capabilities, including:

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Accelerated Workflow: The new J835 and J850 allow you to get 5x more design iterations than other printers using more traditional print methods. With a seven-material capacity, you can load your most-used resins and avoid downtime associated with material changeovers. The Super High-Speed draft mode allows you to rapidly print your design, elevating it quickly in the process and leaving more time for the refinement of your detailed design.




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Make Faster Design Decisions: Print full-color 3D models in 10% of the time of high-fidelity models. This helps you with the approval and decision processes and allows for faster production, taking your product to market quickly. The large material capacity and additional material channel reduces downtime and provides the same reliability of the J750.

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Power Designs with Color and Multiple Materials: The J835 and J850 are PANTONE-Validated™. This enables you to match Stratasys CMYK materials to more than 1,900 printable PANTONE Colors, Solid Coated and SkinTones™. In addition to better colors, with multi-material capabilities, you’ll be able to combine full-color, rubber-like flexibility and transparency in a single print to produce parts and prototypes as realistic as possible.

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Accuracy: Typical deviation from STL dimensions, for models printed with rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm–±100; above 100 mm– ±200 or ± 0.06% of part length, whichever is greater.

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