SOLIDWORKS World 2019: Day 4 Recap

By Tommy Ray on

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Welcome

We’ve had an amazing time at SOLIDWORKS World 2019 and in the blink of an eye it was over! A look back on the main SOLIDWORKS event two nights ago brought back memories of lots of fun and lots of people. Gilley’s Dallas welcomed the SOLIDWORKS Community with open arms. We saw everything from trivia games to beer pong (Texas style with garbage cans), and armadillo races. Thanks, Gilley’s for a wonderful night.

New Announcements

This year’s tag line was “Where Possibility Takes Form” and we have received a lot of good information and some surprising announcements,

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Announcement

The first and main announcement was the introduction of the new 3DEXPERIENCE.WORKS, where customers will have access to manufacture, simulate, design and plan. With this announcement, we also learned that this was the last SOLIDWORKS World event as we know it. As of 2020, this event will be called 3DEXPERIENCE World and the first one will be in Nashville, TN.

3DEXPERIENCE World Announcement

The second big announcement was the news that Dassault Systemes acquired IQMS, a software company, as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to control and track manufacturing processes. This seems to be the missing link as far as design to manufacturing is concerned.

Additionally, they announced a new update to the X platform where XDesign allows us to design over the web. We now will have XShape which works along with the models and allows for a lot of cool features. This functionality is going to be further enhanced with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Lastly, the backpacks are back! On Monday, the announcement came on the heels of the
3DEXPERIENCE.WORKS letting us know that they had been listening and we could pick up our backpack in the Partner Pavilion. The backpack sports a Dassault Systemes logo along with the logo for the 3DEXPERIENCE World. It’s been a long time anticipated, but they are back.

New Product Features

As usual, the announcement of new features and functions in SOLIDWORKS 2020 was the hit of the last day of the conference. There are several things that really struck a chord with me.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Flexible Parts

  • Flexible/dynamic component display: If you’ve ever built an assembly that had movable components (like a spring or hinge or baffle), made a change and then had to rebuild to get all the mates to update, then this will be your feature for 2020.
  • Opening drawings in edit mode: Allows for opening large drawings with many pages for the purpose of editing dimensions or annotations. This mode doesn’t load any of the reference files, but it does allow for Detail Views or Section Views from existing views.

TriMech Named Best Certified Reseller

I am excited to share that TriMech has been honored with the Best Certified Reseller Award. This award is new and it has a lot of calculations measuring the VAR’s certifications, levels of certifications, tenure of the Application Engineers and other metrics. TriMech was also awarded the Reseller of Year for the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network.

TriMech Best Certified Reseller Award

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