SOLIDWORKS World 2018: Day 4 Recap

By Kevin Zich on

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Despite this being my ninth SOLIDWORKS World, the last day still leaves me wanting more, PLENTY inspired and always looking forward to next year! With the opening ceremony on Day One, THINK: Future on Day Two and THINK: Innovation on Day Three, we couldn’t wait to THINK: Next is Now for Day Four. Here is a recap: 

Think Certification

At TriMech, we believe in the SOLIDWORKS certification program. In fact, TriMech’s clients benefit from having 36 Elite Application Engineers within our organization which is significantly more than any other reseller in North America. We are also passionate about the role of certifications within the user community. SOLIDWORKS certifications can help advance users’ careers, as well as set organizations apart for their exceptional level of mastery of design and engineering knowledge and techniques. The SOLIDWORKS certification program is one of the main reasons that SOLIDWORKS has the strongest CAD community in the world. SOLIDWORKS Sr. Manager of the World-Wide Certification Program, announced that every 10 minutes, a new user joins the ranks of the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals (CSWP)!

This morning, SOLIDWORKS announced two very exciting bits of news regarding customer certifications:

day4-1.jpgVersion 5 of the CSWP exam! The classic measuring stick of SOLIDWORKS skills has been updated to incorporate some of the newer features in the last few releases of SOLIDWORKS. Current CSWP-holders can take this version of the exam to add another CSWP onto their record as well.

day4-2.jpgA brand new Additive Manufacturing Associate exam! This exam could really set a user apart as showing a proficiency in not only SOLIDWORKS skills but also the knowledge of how to take advantage of the design breakthroughs that additive manufacturing has brought. This exam will cover usage of 3D printers, underlying knowledge of 3D printers and connectivity between SOLIDWORKS and 3D printers. The exam is expected to be available mid-year.

More Inspiring Designers

Day 4 collage.pngThe next portion of our morning session was packed with innovator after innovator. First, we heard from Arrivo about their goal to revolutionize transportation and make the ever-increasing urban traffic problem a thing of the past. Next, former race car driver Tarso Marques shared some of his amazing vehicle and motorcycle designs. Next, we heard from Gilo Cardozo of Gil Industries about the development of their mind-blowing jet-board. Lastly, the crowd was amazed at the work of Joseph Hiura and Robert Andrew Johnson, two famous Hollywood set designers that use SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation regularly. Joseph and Robert have advanced their industry forward and you can see their work in Batman vs Superman, Transformers 4 and 5 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

SOLIDWORKS Enhancements

And OF COURSE, no SOLIDWORKS World is complete without an impressive list of SOLIDWORKS enhancements.

  1. The ability to group mates by status. This new feature will let a SOLIDWORKS user isolate mates that either can’t solve, are suppressed or solve normally.
  2. Preview Window Enhancements – The new preview window allows for better visualization as users are placing components into the assembly and syncs up better with the broader graphics window.
  3. Automatically Lock Toolbox Parts – There will now be a setting in your Options to automatically lock rotation upon insertion of Toolbox parts.
  4. Massively De-feature Assemblies – A revolutionary new way to simplify assemblies that maintains associativity with the original data set.

Another great SOLIDWORKS World culminated as it always does with an announcement of where next year’s SOLIDWORKS World will be. We can’t to be back in Dallas, TX for next year.day4-7.jpg

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