SOLIDWORKS World 2016: Redefining Elite

By Kevin Zich on

TriMech Elite AEs: Class Of 2015

It’s finally settling in that SOLIDWORKS World 2016 is officially over. We have to wait a whole year to have that much fun with our customers, coworkers and partners at SOLIDWORKS.

Part of what makes SOLIDWORKS World so great is interacting with customers, getting sneak peeks of the newest SOLIDWORKS products and, of course, celebrating the accomplishments of the TriMech engineering team.

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This year was particularly significant. In addition to hosting SOLIDWORKS trainings, answering your technical support calls and visiting our clients for product demos, our application engineers worked tirelessly to expand their skills to better serve you.

One of the ways we measure our progress is by earning SOLIDWORKS certifications.

A Cut Above The Rest

The pinnacle of certification success is SOLIDWORKS’ Elite AE award. Introduced nearly a decade ago, the requirements of an Elite AE have grown to cover more than 20 current SOLIDWORKS certifications.

The TriMech engineering team has done an amazing job attaining SOLIDWORKS Elite AE status. One of our most recent Elite AE recipients qualified after passing the following exams:

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert
  • Certified Simulation Professional
  • Certified PDM Specialist
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection Specialist
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics Specialist
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer Specialist
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Specialist
  • Draftsight

And that doesn’t include advanced certifications covering drawings, mold design, weldments, surface modeling, sheet metal, thermal and frequency analysis, SOLIDWORKS Motion and specialty training and presentation skills certifications.

Wow! It was exhausting just to type all of that, so you can imagine what an accomplishment it is to achieve.

Our Elite Team

TriMech Elite AEs: Class Of 2015This was a very special year for us as nine of our application engineers were recognized at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 with this prestigious award.

TriMech’s 2015 Class of Elite AEs includes:

Paul Ludwick John Landis
Tracy Phillips Eman Kim
Allen Miotke Krishna Chittur
Todd Troutt Chris Duchaine
Mark Peterson

Congratulations are in order for this group who through dedication, hard work and brainpower achieved a remarkable accomplishment.

Why Should You Care?

The broader and deeper our skills are, the better we are able to solve your problems and educate you on how to effectively use your engineering solutions.

Having experts on hand ready to help is critical to your business. TriMech now has 19 Elite AEs on staff, which is nearly double any other reseller in the world. We think you deserve that.

Thank you for the trust and support of our team this past year. And don’t forget, you can always call us at 1-888-TRIMECH. Plus, check out our SOLIDWORKS World 2016 resources page for more blogs, photos and presentation downloads from the big event.