SOLIDWORKS Strikes A Chord With PRS Guitars

By Madeleine Hartle on

PRS_QuoteSince 1985, Paul Reed Smith Guitars has set the standard on quality guitars. These instruments have inspired generations of the rock and roll community and are the preferred tools for the likes of Carlos Santana and The Doobie Brothers.

Today, PRS Guitars attribute their streamlined design and production process to using SOLIDWORKS. “For us, SOLIDWORKS has changed the speed at which we do business,” points out Paul Reed Smith. PRS Guitars used to take weeks and months to complete the guitar design process by hand.

Now, with SOLIDWORKS Electrical, PRS Guitars can still attain a high degree of accuracy and personalization, but in the time span of a few days. When designing a new guitar, the PRS team can visualize concepts, communicate ideas and tweak design flaws seamlessly.

As a result, SOLIDWORKS has become a “core technology” for Paul Reed Smith Guitars and is used as a competitive advantage in the industry.

Watch the video to learn more about how SOLIDWORKS strikes a chord with PRS Guitars to:

  • Constantly innovate their designs for tone and aesthetics
  • Create new custom designs starting within SOLIDWORKS
  • Modernizes jigs and tooling to modernize production
  • Develops beautiful designs with precise and complex shapes


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