SOLIDWORKS Simulation Term Licenses

By Joe McDonough on

Chances are at some point during the year we all get busier than usual, this may be due to cyclical projects, new customer requirements, or just the usual deadlines. In this blog, we are going to lay out some ways that TriMech can help your team make sure you never miss a deadline or lose business, due to your simulation capabilities.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation products are broken up into several different package levels, to address different study capability needs. When you have specific projects pop up that require higher level studies you have many options to complete your analysis.

Here are some reasons a term license might be the right solution for you:

1. You only need simulation a few times a year, or for a short-term project

All Simulation licenses can be purchased as a term license from 3 months to 1 year. This license will allow you and your team to get the necessary studies done, without making a long-term commitment to the software if it is not needed. We highly recommend term licensing for anyone who needs high end software at a low frequency per year. This applies to FEA, CFD, and injection molding simulations. A term license allows you to be flexible year to year as many projects have different validation needs.

SWX Term license

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2. You have a great new contract opportunity, but they require validation of a product

New opportunities may have presented themselves and now require a more formal validation of the product, rather than just the tribal and industry knowledge your team may have. Term licenses are a great solution to getting the mathematical solutions to matchup and verify what your team already knew about your product are correct, which can help prospective customers with some peace of mind.

 SWX Simulation Term license

If your team is worried about being able to obtain accurate results, the TriMech team is here to help you succeed. You will have access to our tech support team to help with any questions a long the way, as well as many training options if it is needed.

3. Validation of Software

Term licensing can also be a great way for your company to verify that simulation tools will be a good fit for your workflow. Testing out the software for a short period can help verify user experience level and results quality to determine if it is worth the investment prior to purchasing.

If your team requires some assistance with the tools, our Project Engineering Group (PEG) can help complete your project, getting a results and analysis breakdown from our very experienced validation team. This can give your company a roadmap to doing these analyses yourselves, or provide valuable info to make design decisions in the future. Working with our PEG team can allow your team to get even more done within a short time frame of a 3-month term license and have confidence in the answers you get as the process has already been proven.

SWX Simulation Term license

Term licensing offers a ton of flexibility, and gives the option to only get the software you need when you need it. If simulation is something that you would like to incorporate into your everyday workflow a perpetual license may fit your needs better, allowing upgrades yearly, and the ability to transfer licenses between users. If you need more information on term licenses, please reach out to us so we can help you find the best solution for your needs!

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