SOLIDWORKS PDM: Reference Add-In

By Emmy Wolfe on

The TriMech Reference Add-In for Product Data Management (PDM) can be used for both PDM Standard and PDM Professional to provide dynamic lookup and reference repair for your SOLIDWORKS files. 

Watch the video below for a full walk-through tutorial. 

To help with this process, we have a few helpful tips!

  1. Label your folders correctly. If the folder containing your files is ever moved or renamed, it will prevent SOLIDWORKS from finding the original using the known path. When adding files to the folder, double check to ensure that it is in the right location with the right name. This can save you a headache further down the road.
  2.  Leverage the PDM search. Through this tool, you have the ability to see all your search results in one place. How does this happen? It searches the entire vault rather than a specific location and gathers it all together. 
  3. Let the feature do its job. SOLIDWORKS PDM comes with many features that make your life easier. For example, as stated in the video, after finding a file, SOLIDWORKS will automatically check the same location for similar files and link them automatically. 

In the end, if you follow the directions from the video and use our helpful tips, you will have a complete Bill of Material (BOM) and a fully stocked “Contains” list.

Get a complete walk-through in our video.