SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies Part 2: Pattern Driven Component Pattern

By Michael Souders on

In part 2 of our three-part SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies series, we dive into the Pattern Driven Component Pattern tool and how it is used to add changes and instances to your design.

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In this video tech tip, we demonstrate how to use the Pattern Driven Component Pattern tool on assembliesmore specifically, a crank shaft and pistons of a flat-four boxer engine. The first step in copying the main bearing to other locations on the assembly is to click Linear Component Pattern > Pattern Driven Component Pattern. From this menu, you can create a pattern of components based on an existing pattern by selecting:

  • Components to Pattern (ex: halves of bearing)
  • Driving Feature of Component (ex: pattern on crank shaft)
  • Select Seed Position 
  • Instructions to Skip
  • Skipped by Driving Feature

Once approved, these instances will populate on the assembly. Plus, for an added bonus, SOLIDWORKS will continue to modify locations with any new changes or added instances. 


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