SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies Part 1: Using the “R” Key

By Michael Souders on

Welcome to our three-part Video Tech Tip series where you will learn tips and tricks for SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies. In this first video, I walk through how to access recent documents using the “R” key and what hidden functions reside within the Recent Documents menu.

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As many users are familiar with, the “R” key provides quick and easy access to the Recent Documents menu. But that’s not all. By clicking the SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcut R, you can also access additional menu functions including pinning/unpinning documents, opening/closing containing folders and adjusting document options such as modes or configurations. In addition to opening recent documents, you can also drag and drop from Recent Documents into the current assembly you are working on.

Learning SOLIDWORKS fundamentals and document basics, like accessing Recent Documents using the “R” key, can save time searching through folders and help your team maintain lists of documents that have been in recent use.

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