SOLIDWORKS MBD: The Drawingless Drawing Is Finally Here

By Heather Sutton on

Define-PMI-directly-in-3DA drawingless drawing. How meta!

SOLIDWORKS’ latest software release, SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD), launched in February and is already impacting the way product drawings are built. So what exactly is this “drawingless” magic, and what’s the big deal?

The software is still pretty new. In a nutshell, SOLIDWORKS MBD is a technical communication tool that helps users create Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) compliant with industry standards (i.e. ASME Y14.41, Military-Standard-31000A and ISO 16792).

No longer must you leave the 3D space to make 2D drawings. MBD integrates perfectly within SOLIDWORKS, speeding cycle time, cutting quoting time and reducing errors. If you do need to repurpose these drawings in 2D, all 3D PMI and Views are available for 2D use.

Users can also toggle annotations on and off for clean 3D presentations with a variety of views. Building customized 3D Output Templates is a breeze, and you can easily publish your model in common file formats, such as eDrawings and 3D PDF.

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In the two short months since its official release, users are benefiting from it. One manufacturing engineer said:

“I see MBD as a mistake-proofing opportunity in the elimination of 2D files by using the native model. I currently have an issue where I need to update over 200 drawings for tooling. Implementation of MBD would have saved considerable time and expense.”

sw-mbd-vttReady to know more? See how SOLIDWORKS MBD is challenging traditional 2D drawing methods in this webinar. We’ll explain in-depth the benefits of SOLIDWORKS MBD, why it’s more compatible with your 3D model and how it can streamline production.

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