SOLIDWORKS Execs & Exploding Spaghetti Unite At The Largest SWUG Event Ever

By Heather Sutton on

Boston Area North SOLIDWORKS User Group
 Central Massachusetts SOLIDWORKS User Group

This Wednesday, the Central Massachusetts and Boston Area North SOLIDWORKS User Groups (SWUG) came together for a historic nationwide meeting.

With vendors, recruiters and companies from across New England, this meeting was one of the largest user-driven SOLIDWORKS events ever with more than 165 registrants. 

And, for the first time, the presentations were streamed live to dozens of SWUGs across the country. The group also hosted some very special guests, including SOLIDWORKS’ CEO Gian Paolo Bassi.

Gian Paolo Bassi at SOLIDWORKS User Group event

Andrew Barnes (left) and Michael Kalin (right), TriMech’s resident “TruthSeekers,” gear up to show SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi (center) their exploding spaghetti experiment.

TriMech engineers Andrew Barnes and Michael Kalin used SOLIDWORKS Simulation in a tribute to the now-finished Discovery channel series, Mythbusters. The pair conducted virtual analysis experiments to either prove or bust the myth that spaghetti noodles always break in three places when snapped. They deemed it: “The Mystery of Exploding Spaghetti.”

“We broke a lot of spaghetti,” Barnes said.

In case you missed it (or have hopes to make delicious, non-broken spaghetti this weekend), they filmed the entire thing for your enjoyment:

“We hope to turn TruthSeekers into a continuing series,” Kalin said. “I’m excited to test our next one: the myth of whether or not we can stay on script for once.”

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