SOLIDWORKS 2021 Live Launch (Recap)

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Can you believe that SOLIDWORKS 2021 is already here? This year, we tuned into the live streaming event to get all of the insights possible and learn about every change, performance and capabilities coming with the upgrade! We know you’re as excited as we are, and we have put together all of the available resources in one place to help you find all the highlights and details.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 – Highlights

Our Application Engineers always tune into the live stream of the launch to bring you all the details of the event and give you what they believe are the main takeaways. See their conversation in the video below. 

Don’t worry if you missed the live event. In addition to our team’s recap, we have included the recording for you to check out all the action yourself.

>> Watch the recording of the live event

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 – New Feature Videos

The What’s New section on the SOLIDWORKS website is a great resource available to you. Here you can find all of the new features that will be available in the 2021 update. We have included a list of all the highlighted features at the bottom of this blog, so feel free to dive right into them. SOLIDWORKS has also made available a YouTube playlist so you can stream the entire “What’s New” video library. 

SOLIDWORKS Top New Features Infographics

2021 SOLIDWORKS Top Features

This year SOLIDWORKS has provided a downloadable infographic of their top-ranked new features in SOLIDWORKS 2021 for five of their most popular products. Each list contains photos, descriptions and benefits to guide you through the key updates. 

>> Click to download all of the SOLIDWORKS 2021 Top Features Lists

Guide for Getting Ready for SOLIDWORKS 2021

Guide for Getting SOLIDWORKS Users Ready for 2021To make sure you’re ready for the big upgrade we prepared you a quick guide. Once you read through this simple step-by-step manual, you will be able to analyze user trends, evaluate your licensing options, prepare for the SOLIDWORKS 2021 upgrade requirements and access launch resources or training.

>> Click to download the Complete Guide for Getting SOLIDWORKS Users Ready for 2021

TriMech Tech Talks 

 Whats New for 2021Join us this October for our second month-long digital engineering summit with 20 days of education and discussion with over 40 webinar sessions. This year we added new specialized tracts along with the new SOLIDWORKS 2021 features and the latest innovations in 3D technology. Learn more about the  updates, ask questions and ensure that your time designing is as efficient as possible by utilizing these new features like a pro!

  What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 – Key Feature List

  • User Experience – In SOLIDWORKS 2021, the user experience gets even better with enhancements that make you more productive and allows you to focus on your designs.
  • PartsWith this update, you can now create sheet metal flanges along non-linear edges. Use the new color picker to help precisely define appearance and take advantage of the extended support for colors and appearances for .3MF file export an import. Additionally, you can now use Custom Properties, Weldment and Sheet Metal Cut List Properties to evaluate equations. Lastly, select piercing points in Structure Systems with the new manipulator and trims for Weldments.
  • Assembly Performance – Dynamically load Lightweight Components, find Circular References and create defeatured assemblies as Configurations. Combine these time- saving enhancements with new graphics improvements that take better advantage of your GPU and you will be spending more time designing and less time waiting.
  • Drawing Performance – Zoom and pan performance for massive drawings has improved significantly resulting in a more consistent and predictable experience when navigating a drawing.
  • eDrawings – With the 2021 update, you’ll have more options to communicate your ideas easier than ever by sharing 3D concepts while protecting your intellectual property through eDrawings.
  • Visualize – The 2021 update brings tighter integration with your CAD models by supporting configurations saved in the CAD part or assembly. Visualize also offers enhanced support for displacement maps, making complex appearances textures more lifelike than ever. With Visualize Professional, you will have access to a camera “toon” filter to get a conceptual sketched effect. Create detailed parts and assembly renderings with the color capping options supported by section views.
  • Composer – With this update, you get additional support for configurations to be loaded into the composer project upon import, along with removing any empty groups during the import process for easy cleanup. You will now have visibility to invisible actors that used to be difficult to recall. Additionally, the interface has been updated to make it look more modern and clean.
  • Simulation – Simplify pre-processing contact and meshing activities with faster calculation, contact stabilization, automatic geometry correction, efficient and more robust meshing and improved mesh diagnostics with the 2021 update to SOLIDWORKS Simulation. 
  • Flow Simulation – The volume of fluid method (VOF) used to simulate flows with a freely moving interface between two immiscible fluids is enhanced in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2021, enabling you to include rotating regions and solve mixing simulations more accurately. The multiple improvements with plots reduce plot creation and modification time during the post-processing phase, so you can publish and share meaningful results faster.
  • Plastics – With the 2021 Plastics update, you’ll be able to define domain-based material definitions. You can also use the new sketch-based baffle and bubblers, and fully define your plastic injection studies without the need create a mesh, significantly reducing the amount of time to create, modify and share this information. In addition, you can now set up over-molding injection studies and leverage hundreds of new materials that have been added to the software.
  • PDM – SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 lets you explore and document references with the highly-requested Treehouse View for Contains and Where Used. Workflow icons build in visual recognition and awareness of your processes across the team. Bill of Materials account for more CAD workflows, and everyday PDM operations are faster.
  • Manage – Increase your design management efficiency and collaboration like never before. New Project Management tools allow you to visualize and plan your design tasks with ease. Powerful new Bill of Material editing tools allow to structure your BOM more quickly and accurately. 
  • CAM – Get more automation with expanded stock options, enhanced drill operations and control over where you’re managing posts. 
  • Routing – SOLIDWORKS 2021 Electrical 3D Routing is keeping up with ever-challenging tasks by supporting Lines and Splines for the creation of complex routing paths. You will save time as you tidy up your routes with the ability to anchor multiple wires to clips.
  • Electrical – The new Terminal Types Manager allows you to define what wire terminals to use with a specific terminal strip for greater control and design accuracy. Entire terminal strips can be directly documented and managed. Separate Routing Assemblies of Cables will simplify and speed up the development process by choosing what to route and at what time.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS – Make better and faster decisions with these intuitive and robust set of 3D design capabilities. Combined with data management and conceptual design with subdivision modeling, you can connect the right people with real-time information and the right tools on one unified platform.
  • Model Based Definition – SOLIDWORKS MBD 2021 extends the ability to organize product and manufacturing data (PMI) by adding the ability to add datum target symbols to your DimXpert dimension scheme and including bend tables in 3D PDF’s.
  • Assembly Productivity Tools – Get better control over your assembly designs with the new productivity tools available this year. These include a new streamlined Mate Property Manager, new spacing options for Chain Patterns and synchronization options for patterned Component Configurations. This update also includes improvements made for alignment control and new options for Slot Mate defaults, including the ability to lock the rotation of Slot Mates.
  • Detailing Mode and Drawing Delighters – Detailing Mode for Drawings has been enhanced to support for creation of Detail, Break and Crop views. Hole callouts are now supported, content and characteristics for existing notes can be now be modified and existing dimensions can be fully edited including tolerance values and arrow type. Additionally, you have the Quick Relations toolbar for sketch entities and transparent dimension preview when placing dimensions to make picking additional items easier.

Too many details?

Starting in October we will be hosting 20 days of online education and discussion with over 40 different webinar sessions, including the new SOLIDWORKS 2021 features and the latest innovations in 3D technology. We break up all these new features into manageable categories and, best of all, let you ask questions!