SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Transparent Section Views

By Stephen Petrock on

Creating Transparent Sectin ViewsOver the years, the SOLIDWORKS display has become more advanced with new view types and section view selections for users to choose from. In fact, Creating Transparent Section Views is one of the enhanced features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 that our engineers say is a game changer.

What are transparent section views?

When working on a part or assembly, the Section Views in models allow users to see the internal construction of said model. Within this view type are five other view properties—one of which is Creating Transparent Section Views (our favorite).

SOLIDWORKS cross section view assembly

Transparent section views allow users to set individual bodies and components as transparent for increased visibility into a model. But that’s not all. In addition to helping users see through parts, SOLIDWORKS 2017 also added the ability to create cross section views. This combined with adjusting level of transparency and Cap Color options gives a comprehensive understanding to what’s going on inside of designs.

Transparent Section SOLIDWORKS cross section

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How will SOLIDWORKS 2017 Transparent Section Views improve your workflow?

Similar to the Hide All Types feature, the transparent section views allow more control over what parts of your design you can see verse cut away. Instead of imagining how assemblies are fitting together inside parts, users can actually visualize selected sections and communicate them clearly. Plus, SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360 also recognizes this transparency and allows designers to communicate with quick concept renderings.

Overall, transparent section views aid in creating a more holistic view, so designers can adjust flaws before they print. Having this insight can save time in your workflow and improve accuracy.

SOLIDWORKS cross section view assembly

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