SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Selection Breadcrumbs

By Stephen Petrock on

In addition to splash of color, warning/errors context bar, configuration sort order, high quality 3D annotations and hide all types, SOLIDWORKS’ 2017 User Interface also enhanced the Selection Breadcrumbs tool. Here’s how it can benefit you:

What is the Selection Breadcrumbs feature?

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Selection BreadcrumbsThe Selection Breadcrumbs feature was added to the SOLIDWORKS user interface in 2016. In fact, it was voted the Best New Feature in SOLIDWORKS 2016 release. Breadcrumbs are a context-based view of whatever you select – subassemblies, bodies, faces or anything. While only a subtle change, users could finally view a trail of their modeling by simply hovering over the graphic area. What was traditionally found in the FeatureManager is now right at your mouse pointer. 

SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs 2017However, in last year’s release, Breadcrumbs were limited to parts and assemblies when you selected a face, edge or component and would not appear if you selected multiple entities. In SOLIDWORKS 2017, users now have access to several reference planes. In addition to hiding/showing front, top and right planes, you can also initiate sketches, access the origin as well and get feedback about relevant elements.

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How can Selection Breadcrumbs improve your workflow?

SOLIDWORKS 2017 BreadcrumbsWith SOLIDWORKS 2017 Selection Breadcrumbs, users no longer have to navigate through the FeatureManager to see feedback as it relates to mates. When you hover over items, it only displays relevant information associated with your selection — the selected face, edge, vertex, feature or body. Examples of additional feedback include:

  • Assembly Mates
  • Failures and Errors
  • Suppressed States
  • Reference Plane Visibility

The improved feedback and convenient access to information can save you time locating parts of subassemblies. By cutting down mouse time, users can speed up selection and command execution, making a more efficient workflow. The SOLIDWORKS 2017 Breadcrumbs enhancement creates an overall better user experience.

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