SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Advanced Hole

By Stephen Petrock on

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Advanced HoleAsk yourself… “Do I design parts that require several different types of holes?” If you answered “No”, then the standard Hole Wizard might be enough for you. But if you answered “Yes!”, then the Advanced Hole feature in SOLIDWORKS 2017 is the solution. Here’s how it can help:

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Advanced HoleWhat is the Advanced Hole tool?

The Advanced Hole feature offers designers more customization when creating holes in SOLIDWORKS. Whether designing manifolds, molds or tooling, this feature allows users define hole types with combinations of counterbone, countersink, straight and tapered selections.

Designers can indicate Advanced Hole Type in the PropertyManager by defining SOLIDWORKS 2017 Advanced Holefaces, standard, type, custom sizing, end shape and hole callouts. And like Hole Wizard, designers can also indicate Advanced Hole Position using dimensions, sketch tools, sketch snaps and inference lines. Plus, the Advanced Hole tool also has options to add, update, save, delete or load holes from the Favorites toolbar.

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How can Advanced Holes improve your workflow?

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Advanced HoleNot only does the Advanced Hole tool prevent users from having to create multiple holes, but it also helps preserve company standard. Providing more consistency between hole designs is a huge time and money saver for TriMech clients because it minimizes potential error. Customizing Advanced Hole Callouts also helps during the manufacturing process because you can adjust order and variables as needed.

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