Smart Fasteners in SOLIDWORKS

By John Hall on

If you have ever browsed through SOLIDWORKS Toobox, you have likely came across the Smart Fasteners assembly technique. Wondering what it does? Find out by watching this Video Tech Tip.

Smart Fasteners is an assembly technique that automatically adds fasteners to holes, hole series or patterns of holes in your assembly. It works closely with SOLIDWORKS Toolbox (which is included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and above) to use its library of fasteners and predefined hardware such as nuts, bolts, screws and washers. By dragging and dropping these directly into your assembly, you can save time sizing individual parts.

And as if adding fasteners to your assemblies aren’t already user-friendly enough, the Smart Fasteners tool also works with Hole Wizard to automatically add matching hardware to holes. By clicking Smart Fasteners on the assembly toolbar, you can indicate which hole selections you want to update, and it will adjust size, length and stacks to the bolting system.

For even more ways to simplify and speed up your workflow, learn about SOLIDWORKS toolbox do’s and don’ts in our on-demand webinar.