Secret Powers Of The Trim Tool in SOLIDWORKS

By Laura Weismantel on

Trim Entities in SOLIDWORKS is a command that should be used by all SOLIDWORKS users. Out of all the sketch tools in SOLIDWORKS, Trim has to be one of the most versatile. But it’s versatility isn’t very straight forward. In fact, the countless secrets of the Trim tool have been known only to expert users of SOLIDWORKS, until now. In this Video Tech Tip, I’ll share with you the secrets of the Trim tool in SOLDIWORKS.

5 different Options with the Trim Entities Command:

  1. Power Trim: This is what we like to call the “SOLIDWORKS Weed Whacker.” Just drag the mouse pointer across the entities to trim them or extend the entities by selecting them and dragging the pointer.
  2. Corner: Trim or extend two sketch entities until they intersect at a virtual corner.
  3. Trim Away Inside: Trim open sketch entities inside two bounding entities
  4. Trim Away Outside: Trim open sketch entities outside two bounding entities
  5. Trim to Closest: Trim or extend sketch entities to the closest intersection.

As you can see this one sketch command is very versatile. But the real power lies in the secret functionality that isn’t so straightforward. 

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