Saving Custom Views in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

When it comes to successfully navigating around the 3D space and modeling environment in SOLIDWORKS, viewing and orienting your model is vital. As you use commands like pan, zoom and rotate to orient the model to take a measurement or add a feature, you are creating model views. We all know the feeling when you create the perfect model view-it’s the best. In this week’s Video Tech Tip we show you how to capture these views and save them so you can easily use them again.


Custom View Dialog box in SOLIDWORKSCustom Views are named views that are saved and added to the orientation dialog box. The orientation dialog box is where to go to access these saved views and much more. To access the orientation dialog box, just hit the space bar. In parts and assemblies, you can use this dialog box to select a standard view, create and save custom views, activate the View Selector and use viewports. You can also access camera views and snapshots.

To create a custom view, just hit the button circled in red in the image shown. This is called the “new view” button and will capture the zoom level and orientation of your model. When you create a saved view, it will be added to the orientation dialog box. This means you can quickly return to the view by hitting the space bar and picking it from the list. You can even add these views to your SOLIDWORKS system to make them available in every document. Just hit the save button next to the particular named view you want to save to your SOLIDWORKS system.

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