How to Save a Project in Artec Studio 16

By Brian Metzger on

In this video and blog, I am going to share my favorite new feature that has been added to the Artec Studio 16 version.

Artec Studio 16: “Save Project As”

For a lot of our users, this didn’t feel like a new feature. It felt like something was taken away. When saving a file, you can still “save a project as” but you’ll notice that Artec removed the “save project” option. So, what do I do if I want to save a project in the middle of working on it?

artec studio 16 save project as
Artec Studio 16 “save project as”

Well, the answer is that starting in version 16, files are saved automatically in the background as I am working. If I make a change to a part, such as adding another scan, or reprocessing the data, when I close Artec Studio, it alerts me that it’s saving the project in the background. If I open it up again, it’s going to have the changes that I made before closing. This is a great change to prevent mistakes, or loss of data due to computer issues. It’s a real comfort to know that these changes are being retained as I work.

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