Repairing Sketches with SketchXpert

By Danny Velicu on

There are many reasons that your sketch status can change from Fully Defined to Over Defined. Whether you have too many dimensions or relations that conflict with each other, once your sketch is Over Defined, it will frequently become unsolvable! SOLIDWORKS offers a number of different tools to help you identify what might be causing that error in your sketch, but one of the most robust tools is SketchXpert. Not only will the SketchXpert tool diagnose the error, but it will calculate and provide all viable solutions to solve and repair the sketch for you.

Step 1: Diagnose your Sketch

In order to use the SketchXpert tool, unfortunately, your sketch must be Over Defined. Once you see that warning symbol saying your sketch is unsolvable, don’t worry! Simply right click within the graphics area and select SketchXpert or click on the big warning at the bottom of the screen in your Status Bar. The SketchXpert will populate in your property manager, and you will have an option to diagnose the errors in your sketch.

Diagnose sketch error
Diagnose your sketch

Step 2: Review Possible Solutions

Once you diagnose your sketch, the SketchXpert will provide you with all practical solutions that would solve and fully define your sketch! These solutions all have different combinations of dimensions and relations that will drive the sketch. Note that with these different combinations, the different solutions might appear quite different visually. With each different combination, a relation or dimension would be removed in order to solve the sketch. When reviewing all possible solutions, the relation or dimension intended to be removed will be marked with a red line running through them and they will be listed within the More Information group in the Property Manager.

Choose the best solution
Review the possible solutions

Step 3: Accept your new Solution

Once you have selected which of the possible solutions best works for you, all you have to do is click Accept in the Property Manager. This will turn that possible solution into reality and fully define your sketch!

The sketch can now find a valid solution
Select the best solution