Quickly Learn the Basic Mouse Commands in Artec Studio

By Cory Green on

In this video tech tip, we’re going to walk through some of the basic mouse commands used in Artec Studio 17.


The first mouse command is rotating. This is used for models or scans. To rotate the model, hold down the left mouse button and drag it around the screen. Optionally, you can set a rotation center. This will show as a pink marker, which will become the anchor point from which the models rotate. You can move it around by double-clicking again or you can clear it with free rotate.


Next, you can hold down the right mouse button to zoom in or out on the scans.


The final mouse command is panning. This can be done either by holding down the left and right mouse buttons, or you can use the scroll wheel if your scroll wheel clicks.

Editor Tools

When you’re working in the editor tools such as the eraser or the defeature brush, you’ll note that some commands require holding down control or other alt keys to activate various cursor types.

Working with Align Tools

Finally, when you’re working with the align tools, you’ll note that there is a shift and left click for rotation of the unregistered scan or shift and left AND right click to pan the unregistered scan. This can be helpful for roughly setting them in alignment before proceeding.

Artec Studio 17 align tool