Quick and Robust Sketch Creation Techniques

By Alin Vargatu on

99% of the time sketches are created on existing faces. If the goal is to extrude only “a part of the face”, most of the time a line is all that is needed for creating the sketch.

SOLIDWORKS will offer its services to close the contour automatically, thus saving precious time.

Close Sketch with Model Edges window

The time savings are adding up during subsequent revisions when changes are applied to the topology of the face. The resulted sketch is very robust, because the entity that gets converted to lines and arcs is the whole face, not its individual edges. It is the same result as manually performing this workflow:

  1. Selecting the whole face
  2. Running Convert Entities command
  3. Drawing the line in the picture above
  4. Trimming the edges from the right side of the drawn line

When a face is used to define Convert Entities, the result is very reliable. When the edges of the face change, the sketch will adapt right away, with no errors or warnings.

Please watch this video for a detailed demonstration of this technique.

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