Q&A Techline Todd: Featuring TriMech Tech Support

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Our Q&A blog series looks at different members of our team and their perspective on the most current 3D printing and CAD technology. This month’s Q&A features Techline Todd and Customer Support

Meet Techline Todd, Technical Support Extraordinaire

1. Describe yourself in five words or less.

Sweet CAD of mine.

2. What are you most passionate about?

Singing away the 2D blues. There is nothing better than combining music with 3D design. Engineering and design are passions of mine and so is music. The more I got to work with SOLIDWORKS, the more I got inspired to write my music. The two started to intertwine only when I realized that SOLIDWORKS was my savior and inspiration to keep going.

3. What is your role at TriMech and your background in engineering?

Techline Support Manager Director Leader Singer Team Mascot. A long title with a lot of meaning. I sing songs daily to ensure calls are being answered. I learned about engineering back in the 90s. As a music groupie, I attended many concerts. I developed an interest in engineering when I saw fans being maimed by poorly designed guitars. I then started to design guitars for Skid Row and Tesla.

4. What’s the inspiration behind your Techline Todd video series? 

My love for music and CAD design were destined to intertwine. I knew my 2D lifestyle wouldn’t last forever and needed an escape. When I heard SOLIDWORKS World was holding a contest, I knew it was going to be my claim to fame. Techline Todd was then born. Mostly, I just want to let everyone know about the great tools in the SOLIDWORKS portfolio and how they can solve problems every day.

5. What is your favorite part about creating the videos?

Creativity comes in many forms and I have been singing for a long time. Creating videos for users that I see are in a place where I once was and how my music can help them with inspiration and defining a clear path to designing with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. The combination of music, CAD and video make the perfect 3D music video.

6. What would you say to young engineers aspiring to be the next Techline Todd?

Work hard, sing harder! The path I took wasn’t easy. Although I was a natural at singing, I had to work really hard to get here and to combine my engineering powers with my voice and creativity. If you’re aspiring to be a great front man and SOLIDWORKS designer, you need to understand the challenges and the dedication it takes to bring your ideas to life.  Don’t think it’s a cake walk once you make it, there are a lot of sharks out there waiting for their moment.  With me, they’ll be waiting a long time because Techline Todd is just getting started.

7. What competitive advantage does our Technical Support Line offer clients and why?

In addition to having the opportunity to hear my jams, getting your questions answered in a timely manner means less delays for your project. In today’s market, speed is essential to staying competitive. Our experts know how to solve problems fast!

I guarantee you’ll be excited to speak with our Tech Support Line.  We offer the best advice to improve your every use of SOLIDWORKS.  This enables you to design cool stuff way faster.