Product Launches and Updates in 2019: The Complete List

By TriMech on

Earlier this year, we shared with you some of the product launches and updates in 2019. This year has been full of innovation for 3D technologies and additive manufacturing. Here at TriMech, we are excited to share our partners’ new products and updates that came out later this year.

Listed in no particular order:

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Features

SOLIDWORKS 2020: Get excited! SOLIDWORKS recently released hundreds of new features and enhancements for 2020 including 3D printing, surface offset, G3 continuity and more! These upgrades allow for a better design experience and provide you with new ways to improve your models for your industry.
Stratasys J850
The Stratasys J835/J850: This year Stratasys expanded their
J-series of PolyJet 3D printers with the addition of the J835 and J850. These PANTONEValidated™ machines can print multi-material prototypes and end-use parts in up to 500,000 colors. They come in two different sizes to meet your design need and budget.

MakerBot Method XMakerBot Method X: This 3D printer is an enhanced version of the MakerBot Method that provides users the ability to print using all the Method materials as well as ABS plastics. With this material, designers and engineers will be able to expand desktop 3D printing capabilities to more industry applications.


Stratasys Digital Anatomy Printer

The Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer: The popular J-series has a new member, the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer. This machine uses the J750 capabilities of producing realistic parts combined with anatomical simulation. With the addition of new materials, medical professionals are now able to produce life-like medical models to practice different medical procedures at a lower cost than before.

CAMWorks ShopFloorCAMWorks ShopFloor: CAMWorks launched the latest smart manufacturing tool for the CNC machinist, CAMWorks ShopFloor. This software helps shop floor machinists and CNC programmers communicate better and reduce the errors in production through digital machining. The shop floor can now have access to manufacturing data in one interface.

MakerBot LABSMakerBot LABS: The newest addition to the MakerBot Method’s platform is the LABS. A print head that allows for the use of a wider variety of materials. The LABS extruder is swapped into either the Method or Method X printers’ model bay and ready to use as soon as it is adjusted in the MakerBot Print software printer settings. This will allow users to experiment with new and different materials.

Stratasys Digital Anatomy Materials

New 3D Printing Materials: 2019 has been a year full of product and material innovation. There are now numerous new materials available for different 3D printing technologies. MakerBot for example, released new production-grade materials for their Method printers. Stratasys also released new PolyJet and FDM materials, including digital anatomy ones for their newest J-series 3D printer.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for all that came in 2019 and as we look forward to the new year!

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