Product Launch: New Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy Printer

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Stratasys announces the newest member to their J-series of PolyJet 3D printers: the Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy Printer (DAP). This latest addition combines the outstanding realism of the popular J750 with anatomical simulation that is so life-like it can replace actual cadaver parts for practice and study. With hundreds of anatomical presets to choose from, this advancement allows you to practice procedures at 70% of the cost of cadavers and other medical models. The J750 DAP is the only printer today able to produce full-color, multi-material, textured models in a single print on a production scale. 

J750 DAP Digital Anatomy Printer

Stratasys has collaborated with some of the leading medical device companies and research institutions to replicate actual human vessels, tissue and even fine vascular structures down to 1mm internal diameter. This collaboration led the anatomical presets that replicate true haptic feel and enable users to practice and repeat highly specific procedures, again and again. 

Improved Medical Models

DAP medical modelsThere continues to be a need to have better medical models for training, education and pre-clinical device testing to prepare emerging surgeons. Although mannequin, animal and cadaver models have many limitations and are a complicated and costly to store, they have been the primary way to practice. With the J750 DAP, emerging surgeons can practice again and again with anatomically accurate, consistent, highly functional and biomechanically realistic models based on human anatomy.

Choose Anatomies, Not Materials

GrabCAD DAP softwareWith the hundreds of anatomical presets to choose from, having to decide which material you have to use on what parts could be overwhelming. Thankfully, Stratasys has already solved this dilemma with their Digital Anatomy Software that allows to you choose what you would like to print based on anatomies, not materials. 
Digital Anatomy Software

There are three distinct materials that allow this printer to create patient-specific models:

  • TissueMatrix J750 DAP SampleBoneMatrix: High toughness to imitate connective tissue and bone.
  • GelMatrix: Gel Support that allows for unattended cleaning of blood vessels.
  • TissueMatrix: Softest Material in the industry to replicate delicate heart tissue.

The ultra-soft material is able to replicate very fine anatomy like cordae tendineae and valve leaflets while the toughest material can replicate bone density. The J750 DAP specific materials enable users to replicate healthy and diseased tissue while simulating accurate blood flow. These materials come together to create an amazing array of possibilities for the medical community.

The J750 Line-Up

At first glance one may assume that the original J750 machine is the same as the J750 DAP model. There are some similarities. For example, the J750 DAP does have all the popular capabilities of the J750, such as realistic multi-colored objects in a single print, but this new addition to the J-series line has multiple medical industry specific upgrades that bring a new level of realism to the table.


J750 DAP Digital Anatomy Printer


J750 Digital Anatomy Printer

  • Full-color capability
  • Multi-material prints
  • 7 material capacity
  • Vivid colors
  • Texture mapping
  • Color gradients
  • All features of the J750
  • 3 speed settings (Print 2x faster)
  • Three unique materials
  • Anatomical presets
  • Voxel based engine
  • Gel based support

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The J750 Digital Anatomy Printer is much more than a new addition to the Stratasys line. This powerful and unique printer is the answer to decades of expensive training and education in the medical field. No longer store cadavers and animals just to practice on a model that does not represent the reality of a specific procedure. Practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect. The J750 DAP is the perfect tool for practice. 

Want to learn even more about the capabilities of the new Stratasys J750 DAP? Check out our product page for a complete spec sheet!