Product Launch: New and Improved Stratasys J735

By TriMech on

Stratasys made not one but TWO big announcements at RAPID, releasing game changers in both their FDM and PolyJet lineup. Keep reading to see what all the buzz is about.

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New Stratasys PolyJet Machine: J735/J750

Stratasys J735 PolyJet 3D PrinterThe Stratasys PolyJet lineup just got a lot more interesting! With expansive 500,000 color gamut and voxel-level control, the new J735 and J750 have unmatched product realism.

They are the only printers available today that can produce full-color, multi-material models in a single print. People are calling the J735/J750 “the most versatile 3D printing system on the market.”

What’s new, you ask?

Aside from offering a more flexible price range and condensed build size, the J750 and J735 deliver improved capabilities, including:


Workflow: Leverage digital design to the max with voxel-level control, eliminating the need to outsource





Speed: Print digital materials 2X faster, allowing for multiple iterations in a day and quicker production time


Quality: Exceptional detail in design texture and color control, creating prototypes with realistic fit, form and color/texture matching


Accuracy: Up to 200 microns for full models, offering more opportunity to refine designs and enable better decision making

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