PolyJet 3D Printer Maintenance: What You Need to Know

By Samantha Bild on

IMG_7582.jpgIs your 3D printer suffering from neglect? Often times printer vendors make it sound like all you have to do is plug in and print, but the Application Engineers at TriMech know better. See our tips below on keeping your PolyJet printer operating at peak performance levels.

If you have further questions about why or how to perform these maintenance tasks, please contact our support team.

After Every Print Job Clean the Print Heads, Roller & Build Tray Help maintain the accuracy of prints and keep the printer working at optimum performance
Daily Clean and Inspect the Wiper

Promotes print head longevity

Daily Check Temperature Indicator & Cooling Fans Make sure filters are venting properly to prevent head overheating
Daily Clean UV Lamps Prevent material from adhering to lamp
Weekly Perform the Pattern Test Checks to make sure that there are no blocked nozzles, for better part quality 
Weekly Restart the Printer and Server Negates spooling errors between printer and server
Weekly Check Waste Container If full, empty to prevent overflow
Monthly Clean the Roller Waste Collector Prevent excess material overflow
Monthly Check the Alignment of the Print Heads Keep the model and support heads aligned during printing
Every Six Months Replace the Roller Waste Collector Cleans excess material off of the roller
Every 500 Hours Calibrate the Load Cells Maintain accurate material counts
Every 1000 Hours Visit by Authorized Service Engineer Preventative maintenance including in-depth analysis of special calibrations, mechanical defects and software uprgrades 
Once a Year Inspect the Activate Carbon Order Filter, and Replace If Necessary

Eliminate odors

*only on desktop models


Print out the Stratasys 3D printer maintenance cheat sheet and place it close to any 3D printer at your facility. Taking the time to perform these simple and routine steps will prevent costly down time and repairs.

 For questions, dont hesitate to call 1-888-TRIMECH to find solutions to your printer woes.