PDM Professional’s Web2

By Keith Vittitoe on

Did you know that Web2 allows users to stay connected to their PDM vault from anywhere where there’s an Internet connection? Web2 has been around for several years, but not many people are familiar with its features.

The Web2 Client offers a large and small format layout. The large format is designed for bigger devices, such as computers, and the small format is a condensed version of the interface aimed at devices such as tablets. Today we’ll cover the features of the Web2 large format layout.

Files and Folders

After logging in to the PDM vault, the authorized users are presented with the list of folders and files they are allowed to view along with a set of columns. The column display is configurable.

solidworks web2solidworks pdm web2

From the file and folder list, the user may:

•  Navigate the folders and files in the vault.
•  Select files and folders to download. The file download permission may be disabled.
•  Delete files or folders.
•  Perform “change state” and “check out” operations.
•  Upload and check in via drag and drop, a new feature in the 2019 update.

The download selection includes an option to download with references. This leads to even more options, like “include subfolders.”

Web2 Project Home Page

Users can navigate between folders using the current path displayed at the top of the interface, where there is also a search icon.

Web2 Project Folders


View File Detail

Selecting a file presents what SOLIDWORKS refers to as a “File Detail View.” This provides access to some of the information PDM users are used to seeing. There are selections for preview, data card, contains and where used. There is additional information about the file shown, including the workflow state and file version.

Web2 eDrawing


Preview Page

In most newer browsers, the preview displays a bitmap for SOLIDWORKS files and includes an icon to display an eDrawings preview, which includes several tools to adjust the display. For example, the components button allows users to highlight a part in the assembly.

Web2 eDrawing Project

 Client and Server Licensing

For Web2, there is no client installation required. The user needs a compatible device and browser. Please check with TriMech’s Technical Support on the latest device and browser compatibility. Client licensing requirements are a Web (PDM Professional CAD Editor or Contributor) or PDM Professional Viewer license.

Finally, from page 85 of the 2019 Installation Guide for SOLIDWORKS PDM, “The Web2 server requires a client be installed on the same machine. The client type must be a Contributor or CAD Editor if files are to be edited or added via Web2. If Web2 users are limited to Viewer functions only, a Viewer client must be installed or enabled on the server (regardless of the license type they choose on the login screen).” Also, the Web 2 server is an additional server and not the PDM server.

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