PDM Design Automation

By Patricia Bar on

It seems that we never have enough time to get everything done in a day. So, what can PDM do to help you finish your work correctly and quickly? And will PDM design automation work? There are several tools that we can use inside of PDM Professional, but also other tools that tie in with PDM. Let’s look at what we can do inside PDM Professional first.

Does your company have a set project folder structure? Do you have documents that you always need to be in a particular folder? Do you find yourself typing the same information over and over? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you need to investigate templates inside of PDM Professional. With templates, you can ask for information from the person starting the project, and that information filters down to the folders and the files in those folders. The data can even be pushed into SOLIDWORKS, Microsoft, XML, and other files. No more re-typing information and making mistakes on data entry.

pdm design automation start design

pdm design automation enter variable

So now that we know we can fill in the information once and have it pushed through to folders and files, is there any way to automatically fill in fields? The answer is an emphatic yes! You can have the field call for a generated serial number that you can style how you need. You can also read system information to fill in dates and logged-in users. Need that variable to be unique? You can set values to be unique, have minimum or maximum characters, or pull from a pre-defined list.

But what about design automation programs? Can they work with PDM? DriveWorks is a program that allows you to have a client fill in important parameters, and the SOLIDWORKS models get generated automatically for you! This allows you to save your engineers valuable time by creating models that may change a dimension or two, and you can have them focus on new projects instead. The best part? When you have PDM Professional, the files are automatically saved in the vault where you want, checked in, and ready to go. You can also create DXFs and PDFs if you need them at the same time.

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