PDM Cache Options and User Settings

By Keith Thompson on

As a user of SOLIDWORKS PDM, the majority of the functionalities available to you are controlled by permissions set by the system administrator. The Cache Options and User Settings are two PDM controls, that if given the permission, users can self-manage the ways that checked-out, checked-in and reference files are handled on their local computer.

Cache Options

Cache Options can be used to keep or remove files copied to the local computer storage area when a user logs in or logs out of PDM, whereas User Settings can be used to only show files that are a part of the file vault or to auto-select reference files to get the latest version when checking out files.

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How do these two options benefit PDM users? Well, if a user wants to ensure that they always have the latest file versions, they can specify that their local cache is refreshed during login. This means that any old files that they had will be removed and new ones of the latest versions will be copied to their local storage.

CAD document templates and standard library files are very important document types for most users. Make sure you keep a copy of the latest version. These files are cached to the local computer and may never get refreshed since they are not checked out and checked in like most design files. So, how do users ensure that the templates or library files that they use are the latest? They can set their cache setting to clear cache during log out or refresh cache during log in.

The Cache Option settings are found in the PDM Administration tool. Once in the Admin tool, open a user or group to set their cache, then click on Cache Options from the menu list on the left side of the properties dialog.

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Clearing Cache During Logout

When a user logs out, the software automatically clears the cache for the selected folder and its sub-folders. Clearing the cache during log out clears all files from the selected folder that are not checked out. It does not retain files that are referenced by checked out files. This is different from just clearing their caches manually. In that case, referenced files are retained.

Refreshing Cache During Login

When the user logs in, the software automatically places copies of the files in the selected folder in the user’s local cache.

User Settings

These settings control the behavior of the PDM client for each vault that they have access to. To access User Settings, launch and open the PDM Administration tool. In the Admin tool, open a user or group, then select Settings from the menu list on the left of the Properties dialog, which opens the Settings dialog.

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Some settings that users may want to control are:

  • Check In: Include drawings referencing a part or assembly when they are checked in.
  • Explorer: Choose to show all files or only files that are a part of the file vault.
  • Reference Dialog: Controls the version access of reference files.

Both Cache Options and User Settings are two great tools to help users manage and control the files copied to their local computer. Cache Options are set at a user or group level, while to modify their settings, users must have an administrative user’s permission granted through the PDM Administrator.

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