Part Design Table Basics

By Dave Stenberg on

Are you new to managing configurations in SOLIDWORKS? In this Video Tech Tip, I dive into part design table basics, so you can make changes to your models hassle-free.

You can control several aspects in SOLIDWORKS’ Part Design Table including dimensions and suppression states features and configuration properties.

The first step to specifying dimensions, such as the inner diameter of the ring, is grabbing the syntax and inserting the design table. Once the table populates, you can add configurations in Column A and parameters in Column B to help identify the values for our diameter. After this, the next step is activating the newly created configurations in the Configurations tab. From this tab we can also edit, save and delete.

Controlling suppression states is another basic Part Design Table function that can be done by entering a certain syntax to suppress parameters. A complete list of Design Table Parameters can be found at

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