Our Top 5 Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

By Chris Joren on

In this week’s Video Tech Tip we’ll go over our top five favorite keyboard shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS. These are, in our opinion, the most time-saving commands that every SOLIDWORKS user should appreciate.

1. The “F” Key

The first keyboard shortcut is one we should all be familiar with, the “F” key. This key will bring any item in a sketch, part, assembly or drawing into the view of the graphics window. Not only will this help get you back on track while you’re zoomed in on a drawing view or assembly detail, but can help you troubleshoot if a random part was thrown off into space in an assembly.

2. Ctrl + Shift + Tab

This is a great tool if you open your assembly one day and half the parts are missing.  Sometimes graphics card issues can cause hidden items, and Ctrl + Shift + Tab will show all hidden items and allow you to click them to set to show.

3. Shift + C

Shift + C is a great shortcut if you’re working hard on a part or assembly and have tons of features, sketches, mates or parts expanded out. It simply collapses the tree to the simplest form.

4. Ctrl + Spacebar

Ctrl + Spacebar is used to bring up the view selector. This cube will allow you to select the exact view you want while giving you a great preview in the top right corner.

5. Ctrl+Tab

This shortcut is used to switch between open documents inside of SOLIDWORKS and works with drawings, assemblies and parts. Think Ctrl+ Alt + Tab in Windows, just for SOLIDWORKS.

There are many more keyboard shortcuts that will improve your design experience. Click below to download our Infographic: SOLIDWORKS 2019 Keyboard Shortcuts.