Our SOLIDWORKS 2019 On-Demand Videos – Episode 4: Innovation

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In our last episode of this series, we take a deep dive into the Innovation of SOLIDWORKS 2019 to see what new features and tools have been added that can fundamentally change and improve your design process. These new enhancements not only give you free range in interacting with your design, but also allow you to experience it in new ways, especially when using the new Extended Reality program.

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SOLIDWORKS pushes the envelope of 3D design and collaboration capabilities with every new release. Enhancements with touchscreen interaction and pen sketching gives you the ability to interact with your designs in exciting and immersive ways. With the new 3D Markup Tool, you’ll have the perfect tool to convey your part in assembly designs like never before. Visualize 2019 brings us game changing functionality that will transform your design into a visual masterpiece in record time, including new virtual reality programs! The newest program, Extended Reality (XR), creates new possibilities that are limitless. Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality is now here and in your hands! SOLIDWORKS 2019 brings new methods to develop, collaborate and share your designs.

In addition to this overview, we also highlight some specific features from this episode in their own deep dive videos below.


4.1 Touch & Sketch Gestures

SOLIDWORKS 2019 delivers new productivity enhancements with Touch and Sketch gestures! The Microsoft Surface Dial keeps you in touch with your design while the Gesture Sketching provides a quick and easy way to create prismatic designs. These updates offer a wealth of innovative new capabilities to capture rapid fire design ideas.


4.2  3D Markup

SOLIDWORKS 2019 introduces a brand-new way to communicate your design ideas by enabling you to add 3D markups directly to parts and assemblies when using a touch device! This allows you to write directly on a screen and share with other members of your design community. These updates provide and fast and innovative approach to communicate your design ideas.


4.3 Visualize 

Visualize 2019 updates make the design process faster enabling you to turn imagination into professional quality imagery in record time! New features like shake and randomizer create scenes that look great in minutes. Now, you will be able to drive a four-wheel vehicle with just the click of a button. These updates support multiple materials which makes it faster for you to create your design exactly how you want it.


4.4 Extended Reality

The new Extended Reality (XR) File Type in SOLIDWORKS 2019 allows you to have an amazing new way of experiencing your designs! This video shows how SOLIDWORKS XR describes the process of viewing and interacting with your design through three types of alternative reality. 


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