Our SOLIDWORKS 2019 On-Demand Videos – Episode 1: Performance

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The release of SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides us with some of the best performance enhancements and improvements to date. These are based on customer feedback so SOLIDWORKS continues to reflect real-world applications. Below is a overview of the best new performance features we found in the SOLIDWORKS 2019 release.

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In this video episode, we take a look at how developers have improved the software performance in SOLIDWORKS 2019 by working closely with hardware manufacturers; reducing repetitive tasks, enabling powerful new features and significantly improving common tools like defeature. These performance enhancements include improvements in  graphics performance, group mates, defeature tools, exploded views and large design review. With all these updates in SOLIDWORKS 2019, it’s never been easier to get your work done faster.

In addition to this overview, we also highlight some specific features from this episode in their own deep dive videos below.

1.1 Graphics Performance Boost 

The new graphic performance boost in SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides us with a better user experience when working with large assemblies. With these new optimizations, you can quickly rotate a model and enjoy lightening fast view manipulations and dynamic view operations.


1.2 Group Mates 

When working with assemblies it can be easy to accumulate mates. Not anymore! With SOLIDWORKS 2019, you have the option to group mates making it much easier to navigate your mate folder. Mates can be grouped by status or separate fasteners.


1.3 Large Design Review 

Large design review allows users to open very large assemblies at lightening fast speeds even on low performance computers. With the new enhancements of SOLIDWORKS 2019, large design review now includes assembly editing capabilities, reference geometry, mates, and the ability to hide or show a sketch.


1.4 Defeature 

Creating production ready components has always been one of SOLIDWORKS strengths. Defeature provides the capability to massively remove unnecessary detail, improving assembly performance. The new silohoutte option in SOLIDWORKS 2019 helps to simplify as assembly based on the outlines of the components and bodies. 


1.5 Exploded Views 

Exploded views are a great way to show how assemblies go apart and come together. In SOLIDWORKS 2019, creating and editing exploded views is even easier with the new rollback bar that can help users visualize an explode sequence step by step. Other new features of this update include the ability to reorder, suppress or delete explode steps and more expanded support of different video formats.

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