Organizing Your Files in the SOLIDWORKS Feature Tree

By TriMech on

When it comes to large parts or assemblies, organization is key. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we show you the easiest way to clean up your feature tree and organize your SOLIDWORKS parts or assemblies.


Files in SOLIDWORKSThe easiest way to get control of your SOLIDWORKS designs is to leverage folders in the feature tree. With just this quick tip, you can really clean up and organize your SOLIDWORKS designs. To create folders in the feature tree you just need to select the components you want. Select the parts or features and right-click and select Add to new folder. This will create a folder with the selected parts or features. As you can see in the picture below, you can have several folders in the tree.

File options in SOLIDWORKS Feature Tree

To modify folders, simply drag and drop parts or features from one folder to another to help you organize your design. Pretend it’s a folder on the desktop and you’re moving files around from folder to folder. It’s that easy!

That’s why we call this the easiest way to organize your SOLIDWORKS designs. Leveraging folders allows you to clean up your designs and get control of your SOLIDWORKS feature tree. When it comes to large assemblies or complicated designs this is the only way you can really organize your design.

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