New Year’s Resolutions: How To Work More Efficiently

By Jeremy Hirsch on

Groundhog Day has passed and as we fall into the familiarity of another year, it is easy to forget those New Year’s resolutions. Have we already forgone on going to the gym or how we will change our diet? There are many things we can claim we will change but actually acting on minimizing our pitfalls can be a difficult task.

The same is true in the hiring process. Companies want to make sure they are doing the right things to attract top talent. On the other hand, candidates want to make sure they get that new job and their desired salary. Sometimes that happens, but often we rest on our laurels.

What Changes? 

Maybe it’s weird to think, but this is just like any other relationship. You need to be attentive, communicative and understanding with your partner. Without going all Dr. Drew, how does this apply to companies and candidates?

Hiring Company

There’s the saying that speed kills. In staffing, it is especially important. By this we mean the quicker a company can act the better it will be, not only the company but for the candidate and staffing group as well.

Right now, we are in the middle of a candidate’s market because the unemployment rate is down and quality candidates are in short supply. One of the top mistakes companies can make when they get a qualified candidate, is being slow to give feedback or act on the candidate.

This can be problematic due to a variety of reasons:

  • Candidates think you are disinterested in them and lose interest in your company.
  • Candidates accept a job elsewhere.
  • Recruiters can’t aid you properly in keeping the candidate engaged.

Timeliness also rolls into communication. The quicker you can provide feedback or get the candidate in the process of interviewing, the sooner you will fill the position. The same is true on feedback if you feel your recruiter missed the mark.

Quick feedback allows recruiters to adjust searches and provide more on-target resumes. It also builds relationships as both staffing groups and candidates may be hesitant of companies who don’t respond or take several weeks to act.

New Year's Resolutions


The hiring company isn’t the only entity that delays the process. We have experience with candidates who also want to drag their feet. There’s a “grass is always greener” effect.

Recently, one of our recruiters had a candidate that had just graduated. They applied to a well-paying junior mechanical engineer role. The candidate had some solid internships, but nothing substantial, yet still made a great impression during the interview.

Our client was quick to make a fair offer to the candidate. After going through the offer with our recruiter, the candidate seemed enthused claiming they’d sign the offer letter the following day. One day turned into two, then three.

The issue? The candidate was holding out hope they would get more interviews and higher offers. Did they get additional interviews? Absolutely. Did the huge dollars they wanted for no experience come in? Not at all.

It is the recruiter’s job to manage expectations and act as a trusted liaison between the candidate and company. The recruiter did everything they could to manage the candidate’s expectations, but within a week, the company extended the same offer to another candidate who quickly accepted the offer while the original candidate was left with nothing.

Candidates, want to lock down that job in the new year?

  • Communicate with recruiters – They do not mind if you have other interviews lined up. They need to know what you’re looking for to best help place you.
  • Know your schedule– If you accidentally double book yourself and must cancel an interview, you may be limiting opportunities or burning bridges.
  • Prepare for your interviews– If a company is taking the time to interview you, make sure you are aware of who they are and what they do. If you need more information, ask your recruiter and they will gladly help you in preparing.

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