New Year’s Resolution: Clean Your Printer

By Emmy Wolfe on

In 2018 our New Year’s Resolution is to keep our printers clean all year round. And we’re determined to make it last! (Unlike last year’s goal of eating healthy… which only lasted until January 2nd when we had leftover Holiday cookies for breakfast.)

3D Printer Maintenance InfographicsWe think this is a resolution that everyone should strive for. By keeping up with daily, weekly and quarterly maintenance requirements, you can help prevent a breakdown in your machine. Both PolyJet printers and FDM printers have different requirements for maintenance, but both are equally important to perform and offer many benefits when followed. 

>> Download our FDM Maintenance Checklist or PolyJet Maintenance Checklist to help you stick to your resolution!

Save Time

By taking preventative maintenance measures you’re saving your company time. Without following the recommended cleaning regimen, printers can stop functioning properly. Lack of preventative maintenance can put a halt on production, wasting more time in the long run. This could end up giving your competition an advantage since you may not be able to meet deadlines or get your prototypes out first. A broken printer could also result in lower quality parts, causing you to have to reprint.

Save Money

Many tasks on the PolyJet Maintenance Checklist and FDM Printer Maintenance Checklist help prolong the life of parts. You can save money on replacing tips and printer heads by simply doing daily and weekly tasks. However, by ignoring suggested cleanings, you may end up with larger problems that could require having someone come out and fix your printer. Not only will having someone visit to fix your machine cost you time, it will also cost you money. And on top of that, having an unusable machine does cost you money. 

Maintain Quality 

Maintenance on your printer doesn’t just keep your machine from breaking down. It helps ensure that printer parts are working at their highest quality. This is valuable because as your printer gets more hours of use, parts can wear down and become misaligned. This could greatly affect how end-product parts function. With continuous maintenance you will be able to tell when parts are no longer functioning at their highest quality. 

Keep Small Printer Issues Small

Everything in the printer is connected. By following the required maintenance you can catch a small, fixable printer issue before in snowballs out of control and becomes a much larger issue. 

Ready to join in our New Year’s Resolution? Download our printer maintenance checklist as a friendly reminder when to clean your machine.