New Stratasys Materials: Agilus30 White and More VeroVivid

By TriMech on

Stratasys has released new 3D printing materials that bring even more power to your creativity. These new PolyJet materials allow you to prototype in such a way that others will ask “Is this the final product?”. New materials include Agilus30 White, VeroFlexVivid and VeroCyanV. It is no surprise that the J735 and J750 continues to evolve with every update.

Agilus30 White

Aglius 30 + VeroVividThis material allows you to create textures that have a true-to-life appearance. Combining Agilus30 White, Vero and VeroVivid creates a wide range of flexibility and textures. The more Vero material added, the harder/darker the material. These two come together to mimic the look and feel of wood, leather and even jean fabric. This amazing new material decreases prototyping time by 95%! 


VeroVivid – Cyan

This material is completing the vivid color trio with VeroMagentaV, VeroYellowV and now VeroCyanV. This addition increases the color gamut from 340,000 to over 500,000 distinguishable colors. With the ability to create transparent blues and greens, prototyping is sped up tremendously by the ability to produce a model in one single print. 


This material is specifically designed for the eyeglass industry. The need for faster time to market and full color prototypes lead to the creation of these new options. The material is strong and stiff with just the right amount of flexibility. The newest addition includes three colors:Picture1

  • VeroFlexVivid Cyan 
  • VeroFlexVivid Magenta 
  • VeroFlexVivid Yellow 

Frequent additions with new materials creates more possibilities and less time to develop prototypes with the J735 and J750.