Modifying Dimensions Within SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

By Stephen Petrock on

When modifying a feature or sketch dimensions, the most common spot to go to is the dimension modify box. It’s the most classic, straightforward way to adjust dimension values. Most users go here to key in a specific value to adjust the dimensions, but there are a lot more capabilities here that can help you design faster. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we show you the functionality of the dimension modify box so you can design faster.

The arrows on the right side of the modify box can be used to increase or decrease the values. But you can also use the middle mouse wheel to increase or decrease the values. Just roll the mouse wheel to change the dimension. You can even use the control or alt keys to adjust the increments this changes.

Now, look closely at the modify box, did you realize that the bottom of the box is a thumb-wheel? You can click on this to modify the dimension. This works just like the wheel on your mouse, but you might not always have a mouse. So, it’s good to know this tip. I know this has been a real time saver for me when I’m traveling or on airplanes.

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