Milwaukee School of Engineering Students Test New Elastomer Material

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This week’s Product Story showcases Milwaukee School of Engineering and their use of Stratasys F123 series printers and Stratasys materials.

Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) offers an innovative partnership between business and education in its Additive Manufacturing Lab. Students have the opportunity to work with businesses as they address unique challenges that arise when developing new products. The engineering students partner with Additive Lab consortium members to find a solution for these challenges.

The Challenge 

The 3D printing lab at MSOE supports numerous additive technologies. One of the biggest challenges for any industry is designing for additive manufacturing (DFAM). It is important to learn the different benefits of each process to determine whether a product should be 3D printed.  

Materials are often discussed because there is a high demand for tougher materials that are resilient and able to produce complex structures. In the lab, they were having challenges with producing a part on their open source printers and decided to try the FDM TPU 92A elastomer on the Stratasys F370 printer. 

The Outcome of Using the Stratasys F370 Printer and FDM TPU 92A

The Stratasys F370 was able to print the part on the first try at four times the speed of the competitive printer. It’s easy to use, and the TPU 92A is a great material for building medium to large sized rubber parts. This elastomer has a wide range of uses.

Another great source for preparing the students at MSOE is the Stratasys Certifications Program. This gives the students a comprehensive knowledge of additive manufacturing and prepares them to articulate that knowledge in a standardized way. This training helps equip students with knowledge about how to successfully use the Stratasys printers and materials to solve various challenges.

By cutting down the printing time, successfully printing parts on the first try, offering tough and flexible materials and by offering beneficial certification, MSOE is effectively training career-ready students as they help businesses solve unique challenges, thanks to Stratasys FDM printers and materials.

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