Material Replacement Wizard on the Stratasys J55 3D Printer

By Dennis Barnum on

As the PolyJet 3D printing platform continues to grow and expand, the onboard tools get even better and more user-friendly with the Stratasys J55. The onboard tools on the J55 provide the user with step-by-step instructions and makes it as seamless as possible when performing regular maintenance. Let’s dive in and take a look at the Replacement Wizard in action!

The Material Replacement Wizard, which can be found by selecting Tools > Wizards > Material Replacement, is the super-simple way to change out material on the Stratasys J55. This process is a bit different than previous PolyJet printers as it dispenses and cures the resin on the tray instead of directly purging the uncured resin into the liquid waste container. This saves space and the user doesn’t have to empty the waste container as often.

material-replacementWhen the Wizard is initiated, the screen to the left will appear on the printer’s touch screen interface. Here it shows that M2 is currently loaded with Vero Black, but the operator wants to load VeroClear. To initiate a replacement, the operator selects M2. This will prompt the next screen to appear.

material-selectionIn the screen to the right, the operator can now select VeroClear from the menu. You will notice a yellow exclamation point graphic in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. After “VeroClear” is selected, the message will indicate a Material Mismatch. Proceed by selecting the “OK” button.

Next, the operator will open the material bay door and remove the two Vero Black cartridges and replace them with two VeroClear cartridges. The Wizard will now verify that all materials in the channel match the same designations in the software. Once verified you can now proceed to the next step. Note: A green check mark may appear in the bottom left-hand corner indicating a Head Optimization Wizard is required and should be performed after each Material Replacement Wizard to ensure optimal print quality.


Once the operator confirms the build tray is clear and clean and that the door is closed, he/she will press “Next” to begin building the material replacement part. Once complete, remove the part from the tray using a spatula and scrape the tray using a scraper tool to remove any excess support material. Last, use an alcohol-soaked cleaning wipe to remove any remaining debris from the tray.


This completes the Material Replacement Wizard on the Stratasys J55. Once the Material Replacement Wizard is complete, be sure to initiate a Routine Cleaning Wizard and also run a Head Optimization Wizard for the best possible results. For continued optimal, reliable and predictable printing, this is a simple process that should be followed when it comes to maintaining a J55. Be sure to check back here for a second video coming soon on the J55 Head Optimization Wizard.

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