Mastering the Power Trim Tool in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

The power trim tool is a favorite among SOLIDWORKS users. It’s a handy tool to cut away, trim or sketch geometry quickly. We affectionately call it the SOLIDWORKS weed wacker, because it works in mostly the same fashion. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we show you a little-known function of the power trim tool so you can leverage all of its functionality.


The power trim tool is simple and straightforward. With the command active, click your mouse and drag over the sketch geometry, and it will be trimmed away. The entity you cross over will be trimmed to the next adjacent body. As you click to use the power trim tool to trim multiple entities, you’ll notice a trail that is created along the path of your mouse movement. By retracing the path, specifically the red square that is created where the trimmed entity used to be, you can undo the power trim.

Think of this as the “oops square.” This gives you the flexibility to undo your power trim one entity at a time; because for some, the power trim tool can prove to be unwieldy. So, keep in mind this functionality is there to help save time when using the power trim tool. This is the secret to fully mastering this helpful tool.

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