Mastercam’s Model Preparation Tools

By Dave Matsuzek on

In an ideal world any CAD Model you import into Mastercam would be ready to be machined or you would have access to whoever supplied the model in order to have changes for machinability made. An example of this would be an Injection Mold Core. The mold core needs to have a set of complexly shaped surfaces machined but there are holes in it for the ejection pins. I need to do something to fill those holes to have the smoothest possible motion for my toolpaths. If I do not have access to the original model to suppress them Mastercam gives me a complete set of model prep tools to work with.

The first area I would start is the Model Prep Tab, which gives me tools to simply drag most features off the part thereby filling the hole in.

Model prep tab
Model prep tab

Here I am using the “Move” command to drag that selected hole off the part to be machined.

In other situations, where the opening is more complex, or it bisects more complex geometries it may be necessary to draw a surface patch. Again, Mastercam makes this easy. It has an entire suit of Surface creation toolpaths to help you patch solid faces. Here I am using the Surface Fill Holes command to patch the Solid Face where the mold slide would come through the model.

If you have a model from a customer that needs geometry created in order to aid in manufacturing Mastercam, has you covered. The tools are simple to use but are very powerful.

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