Making the Perfect Camera Mount

By Devin Martin on

It’s finally fall! For everyone who was dying in the summer sun, we finally made it and get some relief from the heavy heat! To me, fall is the time for watching leaves change color, eating my share of turkey on Thanksgiving and my favorite, riding my motorcycle through the mountains! Every year I cram as many weekend rides into the Blue Ridge Mountains to see the trees and enjoy the crisp air as possible. Like many riders, I have a camera to capture all the great scenery, as well as any road hazards. I typically mount my camera on the motorcycle itself, however, that’s only because I can’t find a mount that perfectly fits my helmet. 

Motorcycle helmets are made up of varying curvatures and it can be challenging to find a way to attach a mount. However, I wasn’t going to be stumped by a little roundness and I knew it was time to break out the 3D scanner, 3D CAD and perform some 3D printing magic.

3D scanned helmet section in SOLIDWORKSFirst, I 3D scanned my helmet and imported the data into SOLIDWORKS. Using the surface data, I was able to take a camera mount that I had modeled and added it into the SOLIDWORKS part as well. Thanks to the scan, I was able to conquer the first issue I ran into with store-bought helmet mounts: the location. With the scan of the helmet, I was able to position the mount exactly where I wanted it on my helmet and then used a Boolean operation 3D designed mount in SOLIDWORKS with the helmet curvature as the base of the mountto merge the surface of the helmet and the base of the mount to form the exact curvature, fixing the second issue I had when shopping for a mount. With this, I could ensure the mount base would be a perfect fit for the curve I’d be sticking it to.

3D printed camera mount on helmetAfter some quick touch up modeling, and an hour on the Dimension 1200 3D printer, my camera mount was ready to be attached! I applied 3M tape to attach it to the helmet and…perfect fit! This fall, I can now ride safely with a helmet-mounted camera that can capture all of the scenery as I ride through the mountains.

The 3D scanner and 3D printer combo is the ultimate combo when it comes to creating motorcycle and automotive prototype parts. By utilizing a 3D Camera mount stuck on helmet scanner, you can quickly and easily capture any object or shape no matter how complex. From there, you can use the power of SOLIDWORKS and modeling to make sure your prototype designs fit right every time. Once you have the prototype drafted up and designed in SOLIDWORKS, 3D printing is a snap. You can bet that a helmet mount isn’t the only 3D printed part that rides along with me on my motorcycle.

 Interested in learning how you can 3D scan, 3D print and use SOLIDWORKS on your own? We have many training classes available! Check them out now.