Make Your Own Solution: Chocolate Bunny Molds

By TriMech on

With the Easter holiday around the corner, we wanted to get into the Spring spirit. So for this week’s “Make Your Own Solution” blog, I decided to 3D print chocolate bunny molds using a Stratasys Objet30 Pro.

CAD Design Process:

chocolate bunnies img3.pngThe first step to making your own solution is designing your CAD files or (our next favorite option) browsing Thingiverse for downloadable .STL files. Within Thingiverse’s huge library of ideas, we found the chocolate bunny mold for this week’s solution.

After we downloaded the file, we inserted it into Objet Studio to see if it was compatible to print. By clicking Validate, we were able to detect open contours that prohibited us to print. Watch the video or read our blog to learn how to prevent accidental micro lines and open contours.

chocolate bunny molds3D Printing Process:

Once we resolved our open contours, we were ready to print our mold on the Objet30 Pro. We printed the molds in VeroClear, one of Stratasys’ transparent materials. Once the print was complete, we scraped our parts off the build tray and removed the support materials.

Time to put the molds to the test and make some chocolate bunnies.*

chocolate bunnies img1.png

*Please note that not all 3D printing materials are FDA approved.


Have ideas about something you want to make? Comment below how you would have 3D printed a solution differently. After all, there is always more than one way to make your own solution!